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Frequently asked questions

What is a Social Media Manager

Your social media manager will be a dedicated TinyBull employee who will be responsible for representing your brand online. They utilize a variety of social media platforms, and ensure that your company speaks to its customers in a unified voice. Their duties can include some or all of the following: 1. Development of brand awareness and online reputation 2. Copywriting 3. Content creation 4. Monitor social media trends 5. Scheduling 6. Performance reporting 7. Customer service Our experts can provide your business with the guidance and expertise needed to generate the best return on your social media investment. Every plan includes a dedicated social media manager

What is a Monthly Performance Report

Our performance reporting software integrates with all of your social media platforms. It’s important to understand and track your ROI with our social media management services. The monthly performance report will provide analytics and show you exactly how many people we have reached, how many followers / likes we have generated, and more.

What Industries do you work with

We work with Healthcare facilities, Therapists, Dental practices, Realtors, Hotels, HVAC, Electricians, Home Builders & Remodelers, Restaurants, Salons, Musicians, Jewelry Companies, Campgrounds, Manufacturing facilities, Fitness, Skincare, and many others. We work with other agencies as well! If you are interested in white labeling our services, please email us at, or give us a call.

What is a Custom Image

Custom images are combined with your logo, brand colors, and fonts to create a unique graphic reflective of your brand.

What are Post Approvals

You will be able to review all posts prior to scheduling. This will give you the opportunity to request changes. Post approval durations and formats vary between the Bushwacker, Bodacious, El Toro, and El Gran Toro plans.

What is a Slack Channel

Slack is a direct messaging platform that we use with our clients for quick communication. Included in the Bodacious, El Toro, and El Gran Toro plans.

What is Monitoring & Replying to followers

Followers love being responded to! We will connect with your followers, respond to your page reviews, and comments. Included in the El Toro & El Gran Toro plans.

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