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The Gallery

Wonder what the contents of each package really looks like ? Well we have you covered. Below we have created a gallery providing an example of how each piece of content looks.

Custom Animation Video

Instead of a person spending three minutes explaining a process or showing off a new product they’re selling, why not create an animation video telling the same story in one minute or less? This is all totally possible with animations as, again, they’re customizable, engaging and simple.

Company Branded 

With the growing popularity of digital video, brands must find fresh, effective ways to reach their customers. Branded video content helps businesses break through the noise and win the attention, loyalty, and (ahem) spend of prospective buyers

Brand Ads

These information sources generate new signals, which provide a springboard to create more relevant stories. This is good news for brand impact: Ads served with audience intent signals have 20% higher ad recall lift and 50% higher brand awareness lift than when the same ads are served with demographic signals alone.


Customized Branded 

Custom infographics have an air of credibility to them. They are often based on large amounts of data and research, and many people seek them out looking for authoritative information on the topic they are reading and learning about.

Logo Animation

It already puts you much ahead in the race. Using animated logos in video content makes it even bigger head-turner. When a video has been doing good, spicing it up with an animated version of your logo, certainly does wonders

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